5 Major Things That You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

5 Major Things That You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

Dining out should be a pleasant and fun experience for everyone. All you should do is show up, sit down, give your orders, eat, pay and then leave. Even though this may seem like a beautiful experience, there are some rules that you should adhere to for you to have a pleasant experience. Here are some things that you should avoid doing in a London restaurant.

Arriving right before the restaurant closes

One thing that can annoy restaurant staff is customers who arrive at the facility just before they close for the day. There are many people who make your dining experience worthwhile, for example, the server, dishwashers, chef, managers and many more. Therefore, by walking in just before they close, you will be making everyone stay back for your case. Do not make other people stay late just because you have to eat.

You should not overstay in the hotel

Most people want to feel welcome from the time that they walk through the door.  However, it is good for customers to drink, eat, pay their check and then leave. It is best to finish off your conversation and then go on your way.  This is important because restaurants make their money by flipping tables. This means that the restaurant will be losing money if you just keep staying there.  New customers will walk in and leave because they will not see any open tables that they can sit at.

Sitting before your table is cleared

When you enter a restaurant and the only available table is full of clutter, you should wait for it to be cleared. The table may be practically available; however, your service will be delayed if you sit down before the table is cleared. This is because you will make the work of your server difficult because you will be a barrier to their work. Get more information at

Avoid returning food with an attitude

Most customers are usually hesitant to return meals when they feel that it is not cooked well or they do not like it. This is understandable because most people have had nasty experiences after returning food. However, you should not be nervous when you request your servers to change something. Talk to the waiters in a friendly and polite tone if you want them to serve you well without any drama.

Bringing wild kids

You should avoid bringing your children to the restaurant if you are unable to control them. When children act up, they tend to annoy the staff and the entire restaurant too. You do not want your children running around screaming while the servers are busy carrying food around to different tables. If you are unable to control your children, you should hire a babysitter for them or avoid going to the restaurant with them.

If you want to have a beautiful dining experience, you should adhere to the aforementioned rules. You should avoid whistling to the server or shouting their name across the restaurant. You should also avoid catching their attention when they are busy serving other guests. Just let them come to your table or walk by for you to get their attention. When you treat the restaurant staff with respect, you will get the best service irrespective of the restaurant that you choose.

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